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«Thanks to dig­i­talONE, poten­tial cus­tomers are find­ing their way to my paint­ing and dec­o­rat­ing busi­ness. They search using var­i­ous plat­forms on the Inter­net: with dig­i­talONE, I have a pro­fes­sion­al pres­ence wher­ev­er peo­ple are look­ing for me. That fills my order book.»

93% use the Inter­net to find a local business

Any­one who is present and easy to find on the rel­e­vant online plat­forms has there­fore laid the foun­da­tions for success.

With these solu­tions you will be found online:


Suc­cess pack­age for your SME


Basic pres­ence for SMEs


Pro­fes­sion­al web­site for a fixed price
9 out of 10 Swiss SMEs are present on the Internet

Those busi­ness­es that real­ly stand out will there­fore go on to attract new cus­tomers. This secures their future.

With these solu­tions you will be viewed online:


Adver­tise where it real­ly counts


Online adver­tis­ing tai­lored for SMEs


The pack­age for your SME’s success


«As a restau­rant, it is espe­cial­ly impor­tant to be found and to stand out. With dig­i­talPLUS, our restau­rant is seen in the right light and stands out, espe­cial­ly on local.ch. This brings us a steady stream of new din­ers, some of whom then become regulars.»


«Many of my clients want to book their appoint­ments online. I offer them this pos­si­bil­i­ty with MyCOCK­PIT – it’s real­ly easy. This way, I meet my clients’ expec­ta­tions and am kept busy by pre­sent­ing myself as a mod­ern com­pa­ny. That ensures my success.»

81% of Inter­net users want to book their appoint­ments online

Any­one who offers online book­ings is there­fore ful­fill­ing the wish­es of their cus­tomers and in this way gains a com­pet­i­tive edge.

With these solu­tions you will be booked online:


Dig­i­tal appoint­ment and cus­tomer management


No. 1 Reser­va­tion tool for restaurants


The pack­age for your SME’s success
>70% of Swiss con­sumers shop online

Sell­ing your goods online there­fore gives you addi­tion­al busi­ness and allows you to present your­self as a mod­ern company.

With these solu­tions, you will be bought online:


The all-in-one online shop solution


The pack­age for your SME’s success

«MyCOMMERCE has made my access to e‑commerce very sim­ple. Thanks to a sys­tem that was quick to imple­ment, intu­itive man­age­ment and localsearch’s remark­able cus­tomer sup­port, I was very soon able to mar­ket my butch­ery prod­ucts on a num­ber of online sales chan­nels. I man­aged to reap a con­sid­er­able benefit.»


«It is impor­tant for me to know what our cus­tomers say about our culi­nary delights. dig­i­talONE gives me a com­plete overview of our online reviews. It means I know what goes down well and which prod­ucts are par­tic­u­lar­ly in demand. Our secret ingre­di­ents are cus­tomer focus and offer­ing the right products.»

90% of Inter­net users are influ­enced by reviews when mak­ing a pur­chase decision

Offer­ing review options and man­ag­ing cus­tomer feed­back there­fore makes a good impression.

With these solu­tions you will be liked online:


The pack­age for your SME’s success
Our advis­ers will be hap­py to help you choose the right pack­age to suit your needs.